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Tamara Lašič Jurković and Barbara Predan

Futuring is a production platform developed for BIO27  — Super Vernaculars, with the objective of using the biennial to interrogate its practices and future; to observe, source, and examine the existing sustainable practices in cultural production. Our findings are collected in an open-source toolkit. Moreover, we offer selected perspectives on sustainability (via audio guide, AR visualisations and infographics). The findings will enable cultural institutions, designers (and individuals) to reduce the environmental impact of their work.

Futuring, mentored by designer and sustainability expert Sophie Thomas, is undertaking an environmental audit of the Super Vernaculars biennial and is guiding the reduction of its environmental impact.

Sustainable Cultural Production: Museum

This is an open-source toolkit. It enables cultural institutions and designers to reduce the impact of their work. The recommendations are designed to help end-users make informed decisions on whether, when, and how to undertake specific actions – such as how to reduce carbon emissions, organise administrative operations efficiency, build the community with outreach and education, and ensure sustainable exhibition production. The guide stands on the shoulders of many and is open source. We encourage all to embody its knowledge. Your feedback – or, better yet, content contribution – is very welcome.


Collaborators: Milan Dinevski, Graciela Melitsko Thornton (Julie’s Bicycle), Zana Oručević Mehulj, Anja Radović, Maša Špiler, Maja Šuštaršič
Reviewers: Jane Withers, Ria Hawthorn
Community knowledge: Production Platform Teams BIO27, MAO staff
Slovene translation: Nataša Velikonja
Copy-editing by: Soglasnik Language Cooperative
Design: Studio Kruh and AA
Printed by: Birografika Bori
Produced and published by: Pekinpah, MAO, Center for Creativity, BIO27

Perspectives on Sustainability: Audio Guide

Through active public participation, museums can engage with diverse communities and share knowledge in ways that transform lives. It is therefore of vital importance for museums to focus on diversity and distribution, and find ways to inspire others to take collective action. The selected stories from the audio guide aim to do just that: to shed light on the stories behind the scenes and the process of the Biennale's production. Moreover, the stories show the often-overlooked opportunities and the extreme importance of the choices we make along the way. These seven diverse perspectives on sustainability illustrate the importance of every single detail.

Collaborators: Ria Hawthorn, Anja Radović, Jana Stardelova, Maja Šuštaršič, Nuša Zupanc, Jane Withers
Slovene translation: Nataša Velikonja
English speaker: Flora Lisica
Slovene speaker: Branko Jordan
Produced by: Pekinpah, MAO, BIO27